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Hassan Hariri's success story has made it big in the world.

Since more than ten years ago, the march has been one of planning, effort, and work until 2023. Hassan Hariri, who was named the "year to harvest and success", topped the Forbes List. He is a prominent owner of projects that have been creatively developed and one of the most famous entrepreneurs. This will lead to unparalleled success, not only in the Middle East but also worldwide.

Founder and CEO of XDS Levant, Hassan Hariri is a Lebanese security expert in "cybersecurity" and a businessman. The company has been a leader for security for more than 10 years. He is the CEO and co- founder of Plus971 Cyber Security, located in Dubai, UAE. He is also a founding member of the "Mediterranean Association for Youth Development" (MADY), an Arab NGO that aims to inspire and build the aspirations for Arab youth.

He serves as a technical and security advisor to many entities and government. He has been credited with innovative solutions in crisis management and business development, both in the private and public sectors. He works with highly qualified engineers, technicians, and analysts who can work in difficult environments. In an effort to improve citizen security and community awareness, he reviews international and regional media.

His security expertise and experience allowed him to make lots of money and compete with international companies. To collaborate with other organizations, he also formed alliances. This helped him achieve success that was shared around the globe. Forbes named him one the most important businessmen in the Middle East.

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