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Implement a managed Security Operations Center (SOC) to enhance security, achieve compliance, and fulfill cyber insurance prerequisites in a cost-efficient manner.

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  • Our SOC seamlessly integrates with your technology stack, delivering round-the-clock monitoring with real-time detection, analysis, and reporting capabilities. 

  • Gain an enhanced understanding of your assets and devices, automatically track and report user actions, and let our team handle the discovery and protection of your network assets.

  • Monitor comprehensive alert logs in real-time, conveniently categorized by severity for immediate network status assessment.


A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a pivotal element in modern cybersecurity, staffed by a team of skilled IT security professionals. Their primary mission is to monitor and respond to cybersecurity incidents effectively. This entails real-time monitoring, evidence review, data interpretation, vulnerability identification, and rapid threat response.

Continuous monitoring forms the backbone of a SOC's work, where the team actively tracks network traffic, system logs, and data sources to detect anomalies and potential threats. They also engage in evidence review and data analysis to identify vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses. When security incidents occur, the SOC team follows well-defined protocols to mitigate the threat and remediate affected systems swiftly.

The professionals in a SOC are seasoned experts with extensive IT knowledge, specializing in security monitoring and alerting. They keep abreast of the latest cybersecurity threats, attack techniques, and defensive strategies. With their proactive approach and rapid response capabilities, SOC teams play a crucial role in safeguarding an organization's digital assets in today's ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

  • Early Threat Detection

  • Rapid Response

  • Cost Reduction

  • Compliance Support

  • Stronger Security

  • Enhanced Visibility

  • Valuable Threat Info

  • Scalability

  • Confidence Boost

  • Continuous Improvement


Plus971 Cyber Security's SOC as a Service is a cloud-based solution encompassing top-tier SOC capabilities. The advantages of adopting SOCaaS include cost reductions, enhanced access to intelligence, ongoing security, reduced breach risk, system monitoring, and expert threat response. Moreover, it facilitates compliance with various cybersecurity regulations and simplifies the management of an internal SOC.

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  1. SIEM And Log Management: These services enable efficient collection and analysis of log data, crucial for early threat detection and compliance reporting.

  2. Vulnerability Assessment: Identify and address system weaknesses proactively, reducing the risk of cyber threats.

  3. Asset Discovery: Maintain an up-to-date inventory of devices and software for effective security management.

  4. Intrusion Detection: Swiftly detects unauthorized access or suspicious activities to prevent breaches.

  5. Incident Response: A well-coordinated response minimizes the damage from security incidents.

  6. 24/7 Monitoring: Continuous vigilance ensures real-time threat detection and response.

  7. Customer Support: Expert assistance for configuring and troubleshooting security systems.

  8. Behavioral Analysis: Identify abnormal behavior patterns for advanced threat detection.

  9. Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR): Secure individual devices, critical in a remote work environment.

  10. Advanced Reporting: Gain insights into security posture, trends, and compliance for informed decision-making.

Plus971 Cyber Security_Soc as a Service


Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) is a cutting-edge security model that has gained prominence in recent years. In this innovative approach, a third-party vendor offers a fully managed SOC through a subscription-based service. Unlike traditional security models, SOCaaS is cloud-based and operates on a multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture. This architecture allows IT businesses to leverage expert security operations and monitoring services without the need for extensive in-house infrastructure.

One of the significant advantages of SOCaaS is its cost-effectiveness. This model allows organizations to transform capital expenditures into predictable operating expenses, ensuring comprehensive security coverage. With SOCaaS, companies can access top-tier security talent, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced cybersecurity analytics, all through a subscription model. This approach minimizes the need for in-house deployment of security resources, reducing the burden on internal IT teams and enabling them to focus on other critical tasks.

SOCaaS plays a vital role in safeguarding companies from an ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats while helping them meet compliance requirements. By offering a subscription-based, managed SOC service, SOCaaS providers are contributing to the overall cybersecurity posture of businesses, ensuring they remain protected and resilient in an era where cybersecurity is paramount.

Reduce Security Expenses While Enhancing Performance

In a landscape where cybercriminals continually advance, organizations of all sizes must allocate more resources to cybersecurity. Constantly upgrading your security infrastructure can deplete your ability to invest in revenue-generating endeavors. For most organizations, cybersecurity represents a cost, but for Plus971 Cyber Security, it's an asset. Our core value revolves around maintaining state-of-the-art security infrastructure.

Empower Advanced Analysis with Emerging Technologies

Deploying and maintaining best-in-class security infrastructure isn't the primary focus for most organizations, making it challenging for smaller businesses to access cutting-edge technologies. Cybercriminals often target smaller organizations due to this disparity. Engaging a SOC as a Service opens the door for small businesses to leverage the latest cybersecurity technologies. Advanced machine learning algorithms and the expertise to tailor them to your business become accessible.

Address Threat Response Gaps in Your Infrastructure

Every organization has security vulnerabilities, and one of the SOC's key roles is to identify and mitigate these risks. This necessitates proactive threat response, including continuous network monitoring, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and log management, and ongoing testing against insider threats. Data breaches and damaging cyberattacks often result from unaddressed vulnerabilities. Engaging a SOC ensures these gaps are closed.

Liberate Your IT Staff for Revenue-Generating Initiatives

If your IT staff isn't grappling with security events, log reports, and vulnerability assessments, it's likely not giving cybersecurity the attention it deserves. Cybercriminals may eventually exploit vulnerable systems and access sensitive data. However, your IT team has a broad range of responsibilities beyond cybersecurity, such as developing applications, handling support tickets, and attending to urgent tasks. Enlisting a SOC like ours ensures that your IT team can focus on mission-critical duties without compromising time or efficiency.

Enhance Event Response and Remediation

Outsourcing your SOC team instantly boosts your enterprise's ability to respond to threats with secure action plans and protocols. Our security team employs a comprehensive threat-hunting strategy to identify and eliminate false positives before involving your IT team. When a genuine security emergency arises, it is promptly escalated to your team along with a detailed action plan. After each event, we conduct a thorough post-action audit and analysis. This enables our team to comprehend how attackers breached your defenses, leading to improvements in your security measures and the production of forensic evidence suitable for litigation.

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Do I Still Need Plus971 Cyber Security if I Already Have a Security Team?

Plus971 Cyber Security's SOC-as-a-Service solution doesn't replace your existing IT teams or security departments. Instead, it complements them by offering top-notch data and expertise. This means your team can reduce the time spent manually reviewing event logs and focus more on high-impact initiatives that provide value to your customers and stakeholders.

How Does Plus971 Cyber Security's SOC-as-a-Service Function?

Deploying our SOCaaS solution is straightforward and takes less than a day. Since we operate our own SOC services, the integration process involves linking your enterprise software with ours. Our team boasts years of experience working with the industry's most popular platforms and can seamlessly integrate with unique, custom-built systems as well.

Is My Business Too Small to Require Its Own SOC Services?

While global enterprise data breaches and government hacks make headlines, they represent only a small fraction of cyberattacks. The majority of cybercrime targets small and mid-sized organizations. Modern cybercriminals employ highly automated tools to identify victims, regardless of whether you have ten employees or ten thousand. There's still money to be made by defrauding you and your users.

Until recently, enterprise-level cybersecurity was accessible primarily to companies with the resources to establish and maintain their own security operations centers. Plus971 Cyber Security now extends comprehensive security solutions to small, mid-market, and emerging organizations that need them the most.

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  • Streamline the investigation of security events with our service, turning complex event analysis into an accessible solution. 

  • Stay shielded against the latest exploits and vulnerabilities through real-time updates to our threat database. 

  • Leverage our threat intelligence for comprehensive threat detection and analysis without hindering your IT team's productivity.

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  • Harness insights from in-depth security event analysis and violations. 

  • Our team identifies root causes and crafts customized workflows to bridge security gaps. 

  • Consider our team an extension of your own, relying on security experts for remediation, recovery, and business continuity support. 

  • Develop and deploy robust cybersecurity policies targeting your most vulnerable processes.

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